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Lineage :: - meine Kits & Bemal-Service

Kamael Vers.2 - 1/7

Auftragsarbeit, gebaut 02/'15

Schöne Kit version der PVC, mit clear Flügel, den ich leider nicht soviel clear lassen konnte, da er aus zuvielen Teilen bestand.


Elf mage - 1/8

Auftragsarbeit, gebaut August 2014.

Sehr schönes kit, ist gut unterteilt gewesen.

~ Gallery of The Day!!~ (E2046 - shop 30.08.2014)~


Dark Elf - 1/8

Auftragsarbeit, gebaut November 2009.

Kunden feedback (email):

The answer to Shades of Gray: Shades of Blue. This has been an interesting experiment in setting up the figure in an overall blueish color composition. The color difference between her skin and her armor came out nicely and is topped by the golden decoration.

Gate Keeper - 1/8

Auftragsarbeit, gebaut 2010. 


Kunden feedback (email):

The gray color composition of this model fits perfectly to the look of the Lineage II ingame model. The variants of gray and the slight touch of blue are nicely done.

Kamael 1/6

Auftragsarbeit, gebaut Juni 2011.


Kunden feedback (email):

The coloring of this figure is straight by the book. However, all of the details like the trim lines, etc. are of an amazing quality. The pinkish color of her wing is a nice contrast to the rest of her outfit. This model kit shows perfectly how Dragonwings has evolved her skills in building and painting large scale figures.

Wizard - 1/5

Auftragsarbeit, gebaut August 2012.


Kunden feedback (email):

The overall colour setup is harmonious. The fishnet stockings are made of real fabric, not painted, a very sweet detail. The flames on her lower hand unfortunately are not made out of clear resin like the upper hand flames, so they look a bit solid. However, to all of those people out the whining over that fact: Try paint them yourselves so they look like real flames. Then, let's talk again. ;)

Kamael - 1/7

gebaut Juni 2013.

Sie ist ein Thai-kit und der Abguß einer PVC Figur. Sie war recht schwer zu bearbeiten und musste auch fast komplett gepinselt werden.