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Other :: - meine Kits & Bemal-Service

Morrigan - Darkstalkers - 1/6

build 05/'15


Milla Maxwell - Tales of Xillia - 1/8

build November 2014.

Lovely kit only the hair made some trouble.

~ Kit of the week 49/2014 (MKU forum) ~


Tiki - Dragon's Crown - 1/1

build July 2014.

I changed her colors, because I think the original colors are a bit boring.


Dizzy - Angel and Demons - Guilty gear X - 1/7

build July 2014.

~ Gallery of The Day!!~ (E2046 Shop - 16.07.2014)~

~ Kit of the week 28/2014 (MKU forum) ~

Wonderful kit by Hikaru tiki (Davyace). Really big with lots of details.


Kaine - Nier - 1/8

build July - December 2013.

My kit bash project 2013. I did usa a Rei (EVA) kit as the base kit.


Luke fan Fabre - Tales of the Abyss - 1/8

build November 2013.

Love this kit! He was so much fun to build and color.


Airou - Monster Hunter

build October 2013.

He is super cute, was fun painting him.


Street Fighter - Cammy - 1/7

commission work, done August/September 2013.

I like her colors, but she was a pain to assemble.


Black Heart - Hyperdimension Neptunia - 1/10

commission, build June 2013.

She is very tiny (15cm) but she has lots of details. Most of the details were not good to see through the bad cast she had, so had to drill most of the lines.

Customer wish was that the stockings would be longer.

~ Gallery of The Day!!~ (E2046 - Shop 03.07.2013)~


Some little changes after feedback from the customer.


Aegis - Maid outfit - Persona 3 - 1/6

moved to "Persona" section.

Sen Hime - Rance Series - 1/8

build February 2013.

I know she is from a game but I don't know the game. I liked her pose and her clothe. Sadly her hair- and skin shadings aren't that musch visiable in the pictures.


Takamura Yui - Muv-Luv - 1/7

build January 2013.

I don't know the game but I loved the figure, but I changed her colors to my taste.

~ Gallery of The Day!!~ (E2046 - Shop 25.01.2013)~


Delain - Archer - TERA - 1/7

moved to "TERA" section

Grandia II - Millenia - 1/8

build November 2012.


Faith Stay Knight - Saber 1/7

A commission work, done August 2012.

~ Gallery of The Day!!~ (E2046 Shop - 01.09.2012) ~


Customer feedback:


I am pleased to say that Saber has arrived safely.  Although I am away at university right now, I had my parents open the box and verify that nothing was damaged during shipment.  Everything is great, and my mother was especially impressed with the job you did on Saber's skin tone and hair.  She also thought the grass effect base was extremely well done.

I will recommend you my online friends, and I will keep you in mind if I need more commission services.

Thank you!

Monster Hunter - Akamtolm

A commission work of an ice version, build March 2012.


Customer feedback:

Thank you for my frost Dragon (that Akamtolm thingy from
Monster Hunter)im quite happy with it.
Quick work and painted as i wanted it to be.


And a normal Version which was my entry for a contest as figure.


Jingai Makyo - Ignis - 1/8 (18+)

A commission work, build January/February 2012.

Her cups are removeable. ^^


Customer feedback (email):

The coloring job on the dress, which is made of transparent resin, looks fantastic. The violett applications on the dress and the flowers complement nicely to the overall view. Dragonwings did a marvelous job on Ignis' stockings, they are completely painted, look like they were real and caress the discreet shading of the figure's skin colour. In my opinion, this figure is one of THE reference figures for Dragonwings, because it reflects all of her skills and experience.

Darkstalkers - Felicia - SD

Build February 2010.