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Ori :: - meine Kits & Bemal-Service

Thalia - 1/6

build 01/'16

done some changes to this one.


Wen Rou - 1/6

build 09/'15


Asuka Langley - 1/6

build 05/'15

very nice ORI, only one hair part had a bit of fitting a problem.

fitting Rei by Reflect


Jian Xue - 1/6

build 03/'15

painted her in the original colors, I really like the kit.

~ Kit of the week 10/2015 (MKU forum) ~

~ Gallery of The Day!!~ (E2046 Shop - 11.04.2015) ~


Dark Phoenix - 1/6

build 02/'15

wonderful kit with perfect fitting.


Legend & Panther - 1/6

build 02/'15

Super lovely set of figures, had to get her with Panther, he was reminding me of Gringer from He-Man. :)

~ Gallery of The Day!!~ (E2046 Shop - 23.03.2015) ~


Summoner - 1/6

build July 2014.

color idea is from FF white mage, flames are selfmade.


Qiao Yin - 1/6

Build March 2014.

An older Ori, so a little bit of work to make all parts fit but still a nice kit.


Sima Yao - 1/8

Build February 2014.

Such a cute kit. I did some chamges to her hair and mouth.


Princess Li Yin - 1/6

build June 2013.

I did some changes on her, shortend the neck and adjust the breasts.


Warrior Madison - 1/6

build September 2013.

The base is self designed, changed the chin and position of the kit.


Lulu - 1/6

build July 2010.


Sapphire - 1/6

build December 2013 - January 2014

Love that kit but she had legs so I did mod her a tail and fins. She has over 2000 scales all glued to her by hand.

~ Gallery of The Day!!~ (E2046 - shop 11.01.2014)~

~ Kit of the month 01/2014 (MKU forum) ~

~ Kit of the week 2/2014 (MKU forum) ~


Some daylight pictures.


Wai Fung - Ori Elegance - 1/6

build February 2013.

~ Kit of the week 8/2013 (MKU forum) ~

~ Kit of the month February 2013 (MKU forum) ~

She took me awhile since I was going for a special color theme.


Youtube: WIP and finished work video

Ming Yue - Ori Elegance - 1/6

build March 2013.

~ Gallery of The Day!!~ (E2046 Shop - 11.03.2013) ~

I just love this figure, that movement is so wonderful. I changed her original colors since they were to heavy in my opinion.


Elf Assassin - 1/6

Commission work, build July 2011.

~ Gallery of The Day!!~ (E2046 Forum - 12.08.2011)~


Customer email feedback:

The redish shading effect of the leather armor looks great. The combination with the gray skin color, the overall look of the figure appears unusual at first, but that's what I wanted and the result speaks for itself.

Dark Magician - 1/8

Commission work, build December 2009.

The customer wished her cups, cloak and staff to be removable.


With clothe on:


Customer feedback (email):

Though the color intensity of skin seems to be a bit too much of blue, it complements the overall color setting. However, since Dragonwings offers to rework figures, I'll probably order a workover of this figure soon.

Dark Saint - 1/5

Commission work, build November 2011.


Customer email feedback:

This figure is huge! The leather pattern of the clothes, the highly detailed decorations, as well as the silver tatoos, all those details are stunningly colored. One of the most beautiful Lineage II figures in my collection.

Halbert Warrior Mona - 1/6

a commission work, done October 2012.


Customer email feedback:

The color composition of her armor came out excellent, especially the red-brownish shading effect in combination with the armor's black base color. The overall painting of the figure is harmonious. The shading of the skin is of an discreetly restrained color and fits nicely to the overall color composition.